FailCon is an international movement, with conferences hosted in over a dozen countries. We meet to share our stories of failure and help one another more quickly recover and find success. But we can't help cultures start embracing failure without your help. We need you to bring the event to your community, to start the conversations and lead the change. Are you ready?

What Does A Host Do?

As a FailCon host and license partner, you will design and produce your own regional production of FailCon. Usually, a region is considered a country (with a few exceptions, like the U.S.A, Canada, and China, which are broken into regions.) Once you are an approved partner, you have a three year licensing contract with right of first refusal for future events in the region.

As a host, you are responsible for all costs associated with your production. But FailCon is a For-Profit venture, and as such you can keep all profits, sans our 15% licensing fee.

How Does FailCon Help Me Start?

A member of our founding team provides all of our hosts with event production advise throughout the process. We will also provide one hour of training to all of your speakers, reviewing their slides and suggesting feedback to ensure they have an interesting, relevant, and successful talk.

We also provide hosts with templates for all printed material (including badges, booklets, banners, and signs). We provide you with a website template along with website and ticket hosting in our network. We also have templates for sponsor pitches, invoices, speaker invitations and more.

To learn more, feel free to review the template contract here.

How Do I Apply To Host FailCon?

Fill out the application form here and mail it to the address shown within. We will be in touch with you shortly after reviewing to discuss your responses.

Once you are approved to host, you will need to get at least 200 people to sign-up for your local FailCon mailing list to be allowed to host a FailChat. You can then use FailChats to further grow that mailing list. Once you have 400 interested individuals, you can begin planning a local FailCon. We will provide you the website and sign-up form to do this.

This ensures that you have a community eager and interested in FailCon that is ready to help you kick it off.