"Every October for the last four years, up to 500 tech start-up newbies have gathered with industry veterans who dish on their “biggest fail” and lead round-table discussions with titles like “How to Conduct Yourself When It All Goes Off the Rails.”
Wearing Your Failures On Your Sleeve
"FailCon is the best event for entrepreneurs, hands down. Most people only see others’ successes and never their failures, but this event gives it all."
10 Must Attend Tech Conferences in 2014
"Après la signature de la Charte du Rebond par Fleur Pellerin en début de semaine, la nouvelle édition de la FailCon vient d’être annoncée."
FailCon: Comment Rebondir Après Un Échec, saison 3 !
"If failure is the New Economy's new religion, you might say its mecca is a conference held every year in San Francisco known as FailCon. I went recently, and here’s what I saw. "
Failing In Order To Succeed? There's A Conference For That



Dark Side of the Boom
By E. B. Boyd


By Brian Caulfield